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Kindergarten has as its main purpose to contribute to the child's physical, sensorial, intellectual, emotional and social growth.

Gradually, the kids will master coordination, body control, communication skills, language, rules of coexistence, as well as discover the physical and social characteristics of the world that surrounds them. Children will be encouranged to gain personal autonomy and to develop a positive and balanced image of themselves.


Kindergarten School
Grade Level Areas and facilities








(3, 4 and 5 years old)
  • Identity and personal autonomy.
  • Physical and social environment.
  • Comunication and representation.

  • Fully equipped classrooms.
  • Qualified teachers.
  • 1.200 m2 green area and playground.
  • Winter playground.
  • Lunchroom watched over by teachers.
  • Supervised School transport.
  • Counselling department.

Colexio San Narciso. Chan do Monte 27. Marín. Pontevedra
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